The Most Imporant List

Lists.  I’m a List maker. I have a List for this and one for that.  A List in the kitchen, one in my purse and one for My FishGuy.  Don’t waste a minute of time explaining to me that my phone has an app for that and yes, I could even cross it off on my phone.  Doesn’t feel the same as physically taking a pen and lining through it.

My grocery list is an Excel sheet of the items I purchase regularly.  A  list hangs out on the refrigerator and I simply check mark the box when it needs purchased.   Yes, it has plenty of empty spaces to add items in.  Yes, it’s arranged by aisle.   It feels fabulous to get through the entire grocery store and have nothing left on my list.

Which brings me to the most important List of our lives.  The Kidney Transplant List.  My FishGuy has been approved and added to the LIST as of April 13, 2016.   We are only now beginning to understand exactly what that means.  We are counting on our friends and families to come alongside us as this new and exciting adventure begins!

Just keep swimming,



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