TeamFishGuy? MrsFishGuy?

TeamFishGuy?  MyFishGuy?  MrsFishGuy?

What the heck is that all about?  Who is MyFishGuy and the Mrs?

Let’s begin at the beginning – my husband has always had a fish tank.  He was referred to as ‘the fish guy’ in the fish department at the pet store.  Got a fish question?  Go ask ‘the fish guy’ they would say.  What started as a hobby quickly turned into a career.  He set up and maintained aquariums for people and businesses in the New England area as The FishGuy.

In 2004, when he relocated to Pittsburgh to marry me, that name was already taken in the PA business registry.  So, he changed it to MyFishGuy. I became MrsFishGuy on December 11, 2004, at 6:00 in the evening.  The most beautiful day of my life – but that’s a story for another day.

MyFishGuy crafted amazing aquariums with care and concern for each one.  His client list was as diverse as the tanks he created.  From a top doctor to a rough around the edges bar owner.  From a work-at-home Mom to a rarely home business owner.

Fish, he often said, rarely talked back to you.  If they do, the advice given to many has been – swim down…go find Nemo!  The first rule of fish:  Fish die.  He’d always caution folks not to name their fish.  Because of Rule #1.  Fish don’t live as long as kids would like.  Fish live too long according to a parent whose child brought home that goldfish from the summer carnival.

When MyFishGuy got sick in 2014, driving became very difficult. He had to retire  his Fish business because he just couldn’t ask folks to bring their tanks to him.  It’s a good thing he still has two tanks at home and one at my office.

One of the first things the Transplant Team told us to do was to start fundraising for MyFishGuy’s future kidney transplant.  We’d need $35,000 to cover expenses for the first year after transplant.  Seriously?  Okay, then.  We need a team to do this and TeamFishGuy was born.  This Team is filled with relatives near and far.  Old friends and newly made friends.  All joining together to support TeamFishGuy.  We are so blessed.

TeamFishGuy transplant fund

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