I have a Caterer?


I have a Caterer.  These might just be the strangest words I’ve ever typed.  Why is this so strange?  I love to cook.  Feeding folks with comfort food is my love language.  Have you ever been to my home?  There is no doubt that you were fed no matter when you arrived or how long you stayed.  Did you bring kids with you?  They left with a snack bag for the car ride home.  Just in case you were taking the long way home. 


I have a Caterer.  It’s my favorite local deli where comfort food abounds.  You need a caterer for an outdoor wedding?  Call these folks.  Taking 100 women to an overnight conference in Pittsburgh?  They’ll do Friday night’s dinner as well as lunch on Saturday.  Breakfast or lunch for two?  Stop in and eat.  And take home a goodie bag for later.  Hosting a luncheon?  No problem.  Friends over for dinner?  Chicken Parm to go. 


I have a Caterer.  Makes me think about that scene from the movie First Wives Club.  Shelley (Sara Jessica Parker) has been invited to lunch with the scene-stealing Gunilla Garson Goldberg (Maggie Smith). Dangling that business card back and forth with Shelley almost begging for it! It was for a to-die for designer, but you get the picture.  It’s a must if you want to be somebody!


 I don’t want to be somebody.  I already am somebody!  I’m choosing to spend my time and energy doing the things that need to be done at this stage in my life.  Loving MyFishGuy and raising funds through National Foundation for TransplantsAs we get closer and closer to MyFishGuy receiving a kidney transplant, I’m focused in the proper place.  So, if you are coming over?  I’ll still feed you.  It’s just likely that I will have called my Caterer first.  Give them a call. Sciullo’s 910 Deli  – ask for Mark.  Tell him MrsFishGuy sent you! 








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