Change takes time and dedication.   

 Waiting is our least favorite activity.  Heading out to a restaurant?  Call ahead seating can solve this wait. We do our best to schedule doctor’s appointments early morning or late afternoon which usually means less chance of waiting.    But waiting for this kidney transplant is teaching me a lesson.

 When MyFishGuy went onto the active Transplant List last April, he was so very sick.  He couldn’t walk unless he held onto something or someone.  He had lost muscle strength and use of his left arm and leg.  His blood pressure showed numbers I have never imagined on top and bottom of that pesky monitor.  His mind and memory were clouded by the build-up of toxin levels in his body from the failure of the kidneys.  His body was literally poisoning itself.  Before the month-long stay in the hospital, I hadn’t expected him to live to see his birthday in May. 

 Once MyFishGuy started on dialysis, things changed. 

 Change takes time and dedication.  In case you don’t know anything about dialysis, here’s what you need to know…it sucks.  Literally and figuratively.  At-home dialysis takes over your life and your home.  We have over 60 large and heavy boxes of supplies delivered each month.  Exceptional care and cleaning is needed around the dialysis machine area which sits beside our bed.  MyFishGuy starts his dialysis routine each day by 4:00 pm and physically connects to the machine no later than 8:00 pm.  This enables him to disconnect by 7:30 or 8:00 the next morning.  He is connected via a tube and can only roam 20 feet from this life-sustaining machine.  Over ten 2 liter bottles of fluid travel into and out of his body every night – taking over and doing the job of his kidneys. We set up the Man Cave (which I affectionately now call the Med Cave) so that we can sit together and watch television in the evenings. We are grateful that the dialysis treatment is working to keep him alive and functioning at a better level.  His doctors and nurses have made all the difference. 

 Change takes time and dedication.  The fabulous doctors and staff at Balance for Wellness worked diligently to help him build up the muscles in his arm and shoulder to regain the use of his arm.  Next, they worked on his balance and leg strength.  When MyFishGuy began physical therapy, I had to walk alongside him to steady his trek up the stairs, opening the doors for him.  Now, I barely slow down the car and he’s jumping out ready to head into the facility.  If you think a year of physical therapy is a long time, come talk to me as I believe they continue to work miracles.  MyFishGuy is a work in progress and he’s headed in the right direction!

 Change takes time and dedication.  Why all these changes?  I’m believing each of the changes that occurred over the last year have a purpose. Each obstacle we’ve faced has given us the opportunity to give all the glory to God.  Every person that asks me how I know that MyFishGuy will be healed has received the same answer.  Healing comes one of three ways – immediately, eventually, or ultimately in heaven.  We trust that God’s plan and his perfect timing are for his glory alone. 

 MyFishGuy is loving life and feeling so much better.  He brought out his fishing poles this week.  He’s thinking about driving again.  He wants to make plans, go places and do things.  Things that would not have been possible without the time and dedication of the last year. 

Change takes time and dedication.  Why is he still waiting for this kidney transplant?  We don’t know.  Maybe so that his body could be healed in some many other distinct ways? We know that every day that goes by, brings us one day closer to the new life that a transplanted kidney will bring to MyFishGuy.

 Change takes time and dedication.  April is National Donate Life Month.  Are you registered as an organ donor?  Does your family know?  Please let your loved ones know your intentions to give life to another when the time comes.  None of us get out of here alive.  As the bumper sticker says:  Don’t take your organs to heaven…heaven knows we need them here.  So, please, Share Your Spare!

Donate here…


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    Very eloquent! 🙂


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