Doing the Hard Things

Waiting.  Waiting to receive that phone call from the Transplant Team can be overwhelming. We were on high alert last week.

There are multiple ways to receive an organ donation for transplant.  It usually starts with being placed on the Active List for donation.  You are immediately told it’s a 3-5 year wait for a cadaver kidney.   We’re 20 months into that List.

There is also the Living Donor process.  This is where someone donates one of their kidneys to you.  We’ve had two folks go through the process and not quite cross the finish line for donation.  We have another potential Living Donor beginning the process.  We’d appreciate you praying for her and for us during this time of waiting.  When a donor is approved, if they aren’t a match for you, it’s always possible for a ‘paired listing’ where your Living Donor donates to someone else and their Living Donor donates to you.   Allegheny Health Network was part of the longest chain of kidney transplants ever constructed – 34 kidneys donated and 34 received.

Another option is ‘direct donation’ where an organ is directed to a certain person.  I’m now sure this is the roughest/toughest, hardest/ugliest thing.  It’s when someone is going to be with Jesus very soon.  The family has made the decision to donate the organs.  Someone speaks up and says – I know you are grieving, and I know you’ve made the decision to donate, could we honor your loved one’s legacy and receive their kidney?

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I made that phone call to a grieving relative of someone last week.  I’m hoping it didn’t come across as morbid.   I hope it came through as being done out of love and hopefulness.  I was a mess.  In the end, it was not to be.    So, we wait.  Each day is one day closer to a new kidney for MyFishGuy.

So, while we wait…

Year End donations?  Do you contribute to a charity at the end of each year?  We’d be honored to receive a donation from you.  Please consider helping MyFishGuy and others like him through a year-end donation to National Foundation for Transplants.

Keep Christ in Christmas magnets on sale now!  We are selling these sturdy magnets for your car or refrigerator.  These make great stocking stuffers and grab bag gifts. Only $5 each.  Buy 4, Get 1 Free.  Contact us now for Christmas delivery.

Got your 2018 Calendar handy?  We’ve booked the 2018 Purse Bash & Wine Raffle location.  Saturday, September 22…with seating for over 400! Mark your calendar now so that you don’t miss out on this fabulous Event!

Are you registered to be an organ donor?  Play It Forward Pittsburgh is conducting an organ donor awareness and registration drive.  Part of their mission is to get every eligible Pittsburgh resident registered as an organ donor.  You can sign up here.

Thanks for your financial support during 2017.  Your donations make a difference each and every day.  But most of all, thank you for your prayers.  We could not do the hard things without them.

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2 Responses to Doing the Hard Things

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  2. I hope you’re doing great now! Thanks for sharing your experience!


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