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Truth or Myth?

As we close out April, let’s look at a few Truths or Myths. I had the privilege to share these words with our Church in honor of Organ Donor Awareness Month. TRUTH or MYTH? 8,000 folks from PA are currently … Continue reading

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5 am is for the Birds

Before my Mom retired, she started work at 6 am and I thought she was crazy.  For over 30 years, she got up way before the sun and drove into Pittsburgh.  Yes, she finished work and headed out of town … Continue reading

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Doing the Hard Things

Waiting.  Waiting to receive that phone call from the Transplant Team can be overwhelming. We were on high alert last week. There are multiple ways to receive an organ donation for transplant.  It usually starts with being placed on the … Continue reading

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Living Donors

We need a Living Donor. Our options have narrowed this week and now we begin the search for a kidney via social media. Who would have ever thought such a thing? Why be a Living Donor?  Your selfless gift means … Continue reading

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Change takes time and dedication.     Waiting is our least favorite activity.  Heading out to a restaurant?  Call ahead seating can solve this wait. We do our best to schedule doctor’s appointments early morning or late afternoon which usually means less … Continue reading

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I have a Caterer?

  I have a Caterer.  These might just be the strangest words I’ve ever typed.  Why is this so strange?  I love to cook.  Feeding folks with comfort food is my love language.  Have you ever been to my home?  … Continue reading

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A Benefit Concert?

Of course!  Music is MyFishGuy’s love language.  He’s always singing some random lyrics from a song I’ve never heard before.  Feeling happy?  Music.  Feeling sad?  Music.  In the car?  Music.  Working on a project?  Music.  Placido Domingo to Zac Brown … Continue reading

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