TeamFishGuy Benefit

It’s hard to believe that the Fall Craft & Vendor Show is now only two weeks away! Saturday, October 15

9 am to 2 pm at

Hampton Fire Department #1

Route 8 & Duncan Avenue in Allison Park.

We have over 20 crafters and vendors including the new hot LuLaRoe, Amway, Pampered Chef, Pink Zebra, StickmanSticks, Jewelry by Janine, Garden Jazalles, Djazz Designs, LilSumthing, Meredith’s Handmade Gifts & On Creative Wings.  Plus many others!

  • Donny B’s BBQ Food Truck will be there with amazing BBQ and more.
  • Pumpkins from Harvest Valley Farms
  • Jefferson Glass Company – Custom Glass Art
  • Kids activities
  • Bake Sale
  • Raffles

Come out to support TeamFishGuy and National Foundation for Transplants.



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Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Because we had nothing better to do this summer, we moved.  Not us, actually. But 3 moves in 45 days.  Oldest son came back from the city by the Lake.  It’s about time.  Over 10 years ago, we sent him off to college and he ended up staying there after graduation.  It was less than a two hour drive, but it wasn’t local enough for this Momma.  Oldest had just settled into a nice apartment when Middle announced they bought a townhouse!  Save those boxes and get ready for Move #2.

Just before Labor Day, Pap ended up in the hospital.  He’s very fine now, thanks for asking!  But, the experience and the uncertainty created anxiety on the 3 Sibs.  Family intervention time.  Now that was fun.  Another nice apartment was found.  Complete with security and one level living.  No more snow shoveling.  No more grass cutting.  No more repairs. Boxes, anyone?  Middle and Wife hadn’t even had time to unpack theirs yet.  Let’s go through a 2 bedroom home, two levels and take just enough to fill a one bedroom apartment.  I’m still unsure if everyone’s blood pressure is back to normal.  Who am I kidding?  It is not.  The closet space.  The internet.  The television.  The freezer. The pictures.  The memories.   All things that are still being worked out.  Maybe by next month.

So, if you are sending a holiday card to anyone in my family, double check the address before dropping it in the box at the Post Office!


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Switching Sides

Think about your favorite sports team. Now, think about their biggest rival. As a Pittsburgher, the Steelers and Bengals come to mind. Even when I lived in Ohio I never ever brought myself to cheer for the Cleveland or Cincinnati teams. How about Pitt and Penn State? I know that many Pennsylvania family dinners have come to blows over this rivalry.
It’s all about choosing sides. Which side do you side with? Which side are you on? These are all very important questions that have very important answers. We are about to switch sides in our home. Bed sides. As in changing which side of the bed we sleep on each night.
When we were married 11 years ago, we chose sides so that I was the first line of defense against three teens in our home. We’ve made a short term switch before when My FishGuy had his knee replaced. Two weeks and we couldn’t wait to be back on the correct side of the bed.
My FishGuy’s new handy dandy overnight dialysis machine must go over on that side of the room. No problem. Plenty of room over there. With My FishGuy attached to it. Problem. The machine arrives on Friday. We’ve known this switch was coming for over two months. We’ve talked about it and planned it. It’s been on The List for weeks. We just can’t do it. Two nightstands. Two sides of the headboard. A clock. All these things can be moved with a small bit of effort. It’s me that worries me. I’m hoping we survive.

Update: The Switch has happened and we survived. It’s not comfortable yet and definitely not second nature. I go to the wrong side most evenings. When I’m looking for my nail file or polish, I walk past my new side and head for the old side only to come back around.

That handy dandy overnight dialysis machine? It’s not quite as friendly as we hoped. We are on the second machine, the second programmed card and many nights of lost sleep. It’s like having 2 am feedings each hour. It has an obnoxious alarm that goes off every 70-90 minutes throughout the 8 hour treatment. We are hoping and praying this gets better, much better. And soon!

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The Most Imporant List

Lists.  I’m a List maker. I have a List for this and one for that.  A List in the kitchen, one in my purse and one for My FishGuy.  Don’t waste a minute of time explaining to me that my phone has an app for that and yes, I could even cross it off on my phone.  Doesn’t feel the same as physically taking a pen and lining through it.

My grocery list is an Excel sheet of the items I purchase regularly.  A  list hangs out on the refrigerator and I simply check mark the box when it needs purchased.   Yes, it has plenty of empty spaces to add items in.  Yes, it’s arranged by aisle.   It feels fabulous to get through the entire grocery store and have nothing left on my list.

Which brings me to the most important List of our lives.  The Kidney Transplant List.  My FishGuy has been approved and added to the LIST as of April 13, 2016.   We are only now beginning to understand exactly what that means.  We are counting on our friends and families to come alongside us as this new and exciting adventure begins!

Just keep swimming,



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